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MotoE Semi - Custom

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Program Description

MotoE Semi-Custom: $500 fixed rate (approx $125 per month for 16 Week Program)

Note: the 16 week, $500 fee is charged up front on a credit card and is non-refundable

Program includes:

  • Assessment protocols to identify sport specific physical and mental limiters

  • Determine your sport specific maximum heart rate and create a personalized heart rate spreadsheet with the five zones specific to optimize your training and racing efforts

  • Creating a personalized nutrition program to build muscle and burn fat resulting in improved strength, speed and endurance

  • Customized hydration strategy for optimum health, wellness and performance

  • Customized sport specific workouts specific to your race distance, characteristics and identified performance limiters sent to you every Friday to your email

  • Customized sport specific evaluation tools to avoid over-training symptoms and negative performance and race results

  • Customized functional strength training program to improve your strength, speed and muscular endurance

  • Customized soft tissue, trigger point & flexibility protocols to improve your range of motion resulting in enhanced power and endurance while minimizing your risk of injuries

  • Mental development program – tools and resources to help you face and address the mental barriers that keep you from achieving your true potential

  • Partnership discount of 10% off of Coach Robb’s Nutritionally Green Energy Fuel, Recovery Fuel and associated supplements

  • Unlimited emails to discuss the various principles of physiology and nutrition as it relates to enhanced speed and endurance along with answering any of your questions about your weekly program

MotoE Semi - Custom

Starting price: $125.00

Recurring price: $125.00

Period: 28 days

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Mailing list
2 Week Challenge
Adrenal Fatigue
Aqua Jogging
Body Analysis
Body Measurements
Max Heart Rate
Meals, Snacks, and Smoothies
Mental Development
Plyometric Assessments
Shopping Guide
Stretching and Soft Tissue
Sweat Rate
Time Management
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