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Strength & Flexibility for Speed and Endurance

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Program Description

Strength and Flexibility for Speed and Endurance (Conference Call Thurs. 8-9 EST.)

Week 1: Injuries associated with the lack of strength and flexibility

Week 2: How to identify strength limiters and how to eliminate correctly

Week 3: How to improve your range of motion and bio-mechanics specific to speed and endurance

**Week 4: **How to create a customized strength and flexibility program for improved speed and endurance while minimizing injuries

The classes run monthly, there will be a weekly, one (1) hour live conference call with Coach Robb for four (4) consecutive weeks (Note: the called will be recorded in case you can not attend the call live) per subject. Prior to each call you will have worksheets to complete to facilitate the development of your personalized program (specific to each subject).

Note: For quality control purposes, each class is limited to 25 people.

Strength & Flexibility for Speed and Endurance

Starting price: $100.00

Recurring price: $100.00

Period: 28 days

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