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MotoE Professional Race Program

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Program Description

For the elite racer who is looking to be apart of a top professional level training program.

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MotoE Professional Program Elements

  • MotoE Staff member on site daily

  • Complete nutrition and hydration program for optimum strength and endurance

  • Complete human performance evaluation (performed daily)

    • Heart rate data will be evaluated after each workout

    • Food log data will be evaluated at the end of each day

    • Sleep analysis will be evaluated at the beginning of each day

  • Supervised performance coaching

    • Proper warm up and cool down (nutrition & soft tissue)

    • Proper foam rolling, trigger point and stretching

    • Cross training: strength training, swimming, cycling, rowing and running

  • Customized Mental Development Program

    • How to practice for optimum performance

    • How to race at 100% of the riders potential every weekend

  • Maintain a human performance training journal for each rider

  • Approx 18 hours of cross training with MotoE staff (Coach Robb) per week

MotoE Professional Race Program

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